The objectives of IFSDA are the following :

To promote and maintain a high standard of professional integrity among Philatelic dealers throughout the world.
To promote the exchange among the member organizations of information and literature likely to be of service to the philatelic trade.
To strive to reduce the barriers in international Philatelic trade.
To promote the exchange of information regarding the marketing of stolen, forged, faked and repaired stamps.
To publicise and help to promote stamp collecting throughout the world.


IFSDA co-operates with the U.P.U. (the Universal Postal Union), the F.I.P. ( Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) and other organizations:

  • in the event of theft or other criminal acts against the philatelic trade;
  • at international exhibitions to control the validity of the commercial stand holders; and
  • in actions to prevent or reduce the sale of stamps which have not been issued under satisfactory internationally-recognised conditions.


National Stamp Dealers’ Associations are ordinary members. Individual dealers and members of the ordinary member associations are indirect members.

Benefits for stamp dealers

The benefits for individual dealers of being a member of an association affiliated to IFSDA include:

  • IFSDA handbook
  • IFSDA membership card
  • The right to use the IFSDA logo in advertisements and on websites to show the world’s public you are a reputable dealer
  • Having an IFSDA Website where every dealer is represented with a link to their own website and e-mail address – and the possibility to list specialities
  • Belonging to an organisation looking after the interests of IFSDA stamp dealers in negotiations with the U.P.U., the FIP and other international organizations regarding matters such as:
  • the fight against illegal stamps etc.
  • establishing the WNS (World Numbering System)
  • improving the VAT system relating to stamps within the European Union
  • improving the conditions for the validation of old stamps
  • negotiations aiming to improve the conditions for IFSDA stamp dealers at international exhibitions
  • arbitration in disputes between IFSDA members worldwide.

All this is done on a low-cost budget. The Membership fee is CHF 20 per year, which is very low considering the value of the benefits available.