What to do with an inherited stamp collection?

If you inherited a stamp collection you might think ‘what can I do with it?’

The first question that can come to your mind is, how can I sell it and what is it worth?

Before answering that question, you first have to think about how and why it was collected and set up. If you take some time to find out why it was arranged in the way it is, you may learn a lot about the relative who left it to you and find out why he or she spent so many fine hours with sorting, arranging, describing and thereby learning much from those little papers.

This is not always the case with collections. Some people just collected by buying yearsets or first day covers from the post or a dealer over a couple of years and put them in albums (or even didn’t). There is, generally spoken, not much interest in such collections since they are difficult to sell or just only for a very low price.

If you in your investigation of the collection can find out that your collection is different to that and has more of an unique signature (such as a well worked out topic, or an extensive classical section) you might become enthousiastic either to keep it as a family jewel of emotional value or even to continue with expanding the collection.

An other option is to find someone else for it and to sell it.

In both cases an IFSDA stampdealer or stampauctioneer could provide you with valuable advice.

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