Managing members

Below you can find information about (editing) your association profile, member profiles and adding new members to your association.

Generally the following members of an organisation have the privileges to change member information on the website: the President, and the Secretary.
They can change information when they are logged in via the members area.

Association Profile

Click on the tab named ‘Dealer’s associations’ in the top menu.
Here you can find the profile page of your organisation by either type the base country of your organisation in the search box or browse through the list.
To go to the profile page click on the name of the association.

To change your profile click on the settings tab on the right and click on the submit button after editing.

Managing members

To change the profiles of your members, click on the members tab on the left

Now you’ll see a list of the members of your organisation. There are several option displayed.

Click on ‘Remove’ (1) to permanently remove members from your organisation.
For editing member profiles click on the gear-icon (2) on the right, here you can select the options to edit a users profile, reset password etc.

Adding new members

There are two ways possible to add new members to your organisation.

Requesting members to fill out their own profile information

By default, you can add a user by clicking on the add tab on top of the members list.
Now you can enter the email address of the new member.
This member will then receive a request by email to fill out it’s profile information.

After a member has entered it’s information, it will automatically appear in the member list with a suspended status.

Please note: a profile will only be visible on the IFSDA website if you, as a board member, have activated it (see below).

Adding new members yourself

Because there are members who don’t have email , the default option for adding members will not work for these members. There is a workaround for this
We have sent all group members a direct link to a page where they can register members of their organisation themselves.
When visiting this link, make sure you are not logged in to the website.

When you have added the member, you can login to the website and start activating the member as explained above.